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The Lebanese School for the Blind and the Deaf (LSBD) was established in 1957 by the first lady Zalfa Camille Chamoun.

Our school welcomes all without discrimination, it is a mixed school with daily and boarding programs, and has a contract with the ministry of social affairs. Our goal is to help our students reach their full potentials, maximum autonomy, and best social and economical inclusion in their societies.
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In 1953, former First Lady of Lebanon Mrs. Zalfa Camille Chamoun, assisted by Dr. Philip Thomas and Mr. Michel Doumet, founded the Lebanese Society for the Blind, which later became the Lebanese Society for the Blind and the Deaf. The Lebanese government offered a parcel of land in Hadat - Baabda and many Lebanese immigrants living abroad donated generously towards this all important project.

In 1957, the society founded the First National School for the Blind and the Deaf in Lebanon, to become one of the Middle Eastern leading educational and vocational centers via its commitment to provide blind and deaf students with priceless opportunities to achieve their independence, find suitable jobs and become contributing members of their communities.

Dr. Philip Thomas was elected the first President of the Society's Board of Trustees and stayed in this position from 1953 till his death in 1983. He was succeeded by Dr. Iskandar Hitti, who served until 1987. Dr. Joseph Ashkar followed and served until 1990. Mr. Gabriel Thomas then became President until the year 2000, followed by Attorney Pedro Ghannam who served aiming at the school’s constant progress, until his death, in 2009. Mrs. Laure Doumet was elected to succeed him until her passed away in 2021 and is currently succeeded by Mrs. Jeanette Chamoun as president of the society.
Mrs. Wadad Lahoud was appointed school principal since the school’s inception and performed her duties with utmost dedication, professionalism and care until 2014. She was succeeded by our current school Principal Mrs. Marie Rose Bourji-El Gemayel, who is continuing the mission.
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Multidisciplinary Team
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Vocational Team
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Early Intervention

Early intervention, an essential program, is a primary step with students whether blind, deaf, or blind with additional disabilities.

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Blind School

The department for the blind achieves its objectives through its educational programs...

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Deaf School

The department for the deaf achieves its objectives through its holistic approach from education to extracurricular activities.

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The specialized teaching program for deaf-blind students in Baabda is the first of its kind in Lebanon.

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Blind with associated disabilities

A special training program for students who suffer from physical...

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Boarding School

Students who come from remote villages are taken full board.

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Our Workshops

Our school offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program...

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Our Music Department

Music is a very important subject in our program. It offers the blind a world of beauty which can be a source of enjoyment...

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Our Alumni

They share among each other a touching spirit of brotherhood, characterized by love and loyalty to their school. Their ties are long-lasting.

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Medical Social Work

The medical-social work department in our school aims at the psycho-social’s development of our students in order to stimulate their awareness....

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Speech and Language Therapy

The speech and language pathologist assesses the oral and linguistic capacities of our students and provides them....

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Psychomotor Therapy

Psychomotor Therapy is a paramedical profession that works on the body movement ....

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Psychology Therapy

The psychological therapist in our school provides psychotherapy and counseling.

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