Deaf School

The department for the deaf achieves its objectives through its holistic approach from education to extracurricular activities.

The educational program in this department ranges from kindergarten to the ninth grade adapting the curriculum established by the ministry of education to suit the linguistic abilities of deaf students, and is finalized by the official examinations.

A process of learning speech and language along with working on the child’s skills of autonomy, sensory-neural, intellectual and social development using oral and sign language is all included in the general program.

The LSBD assists the students who wish to continue their secondary education in the inclusion program to meet their educational needs.


 The school aims at the development of the different skills such as:

· Stimulation of the overall concept of independence and the power to communicate and learn job skills.

· Rehabilitation and training on certain capacities so that they can later find a job in a place fitting their disability.

This program is based on the rehabilitation and practical training through courses in several areas, including rattan, bamboo, hair and beauty, painting, and wax art, in workshops inside or outside the school premises.